The Obligatory Introductory Post

Note: This is the old intro post to my old blog when I was using Nibbleblog and focusing it only on VoIP tech

After going back and forth on whether or not I should design and code my own personal website / blog, I finally gave up. I realized that even though there was no issue in regards to coding up the website, my design skills are abysmal. With that conclusion in I set forth to find a simple blog solution that would take me no more than 5 minutes to setup on one of my servers.

After a little googling, I found nibbleblog. The install literally took me ~2 minutes to complete from download to working blog. Now that I’ve finally setup a site I should give you some idea as to what I’ll be writing about.

Most of my topics will be centered around VoIP (SIP/RTP/etc), Javascript, Linux and the occasional misc blog post. Currently, I have a few idea for both the VoIP and Javascript categories. For Javascript, I’ll mainly be writing about web based game development. Note that I am new to both Javascript and game development. So expect to see some really beginner level posts for that.

VoIP is where my mind is currently. Primarily, I work with Asterisk and occasionally Kamailio. One post that I can wait to start writing is debugging issues VoIP issues, particularly those related to Asterisk and Kamailio. After that, not to sure but I’m positive more ideas will pop up in my head once I start writing more.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for me !